7 Benefits of Attending AA Meetings

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AA Meeting Benefits

When you feel hopeless and the world seems to weigh heavy on you, the internal battle with alcohol can be incredibly difficult. This is why going to AA meetings can help out those who want to take their first steps to live a sober and healthy life. Living with an alcohol disorder can be a harsh and intimidating experience that you don’t have to face alone.

There are many great benefits to attending AA meetings and getting al-anon support from others. Alcohol abuse is something that many people struggle with and often seek the help of others to pull them out of their darkest moments. When you’ve finally decided to step forward and put an end to the negative impact on your life, al-anon meetings are a great way to start over.

AA meetings have been life-changing for many different people who struggle with alcohol. Want to know why that is? Keep reading to learn about the 7 incredible benefits of going to regular AA meetings.

1- AA Meetings Provide Safety in Numbers

Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA meetings for short, is a support system that has been around for a very long time. It has been something that has endured for over 83 years, providing care and support to people who have an ongoing battle with alcohol abuse by surrounding them with others with similar experiences.

Being around other people who have the same struggles can allow a person to gain reinforcement towards bettering their life.

2 – New Strategies to Overcome Addiction

At almost all the AA meetings a person attends, they can hear from other people about how they overcame their addiction to alcohol. This can help a person adopt new strategies for getting around the temptation of having a drink and falling into their previous patterns of alcohol abuse and struggle.

While not every person needs to speak up during an AA meeting, listening to others that do speak can give them comfort and new insight into how to change their own lives.

3 – Connecting With New People

AA meetings also give each individual the chance to meet new kinds of people with similar experiences. From the sponsor that people match up with to help with their struggle to seeing those who also attend, one can cross paths with new groups of people on their way to sobriety.

You can create new friendships and bonds with others with a shared goal, as well as find people whom you can reach out when you need help.

4 – No Obligation to Join

AA Meetings are entirely free to attend. A person can go to any meeting that is held at any location, and they are not obligated to stay with it. Each struggle with alcohol abuse and journey to a healthier life is different for everyone and goes at its own pace.

A person doesn’t need to fill out anything to join, nor do they need to announce to the world their attendance. AA meetings are there for someone when they need it.

5 – AA Meetings Are Open to Everyone

At the same time, any type of person can attend AA meetings. There is no restriction on who can attend based on race, religion, class, or personal beliefs. Alcohol abuse is a problem that affects all kinds of people, so everyone can benefit from the support al-anon meetings can provide.

The benefits of AA meetings stretch out to both men and women. Some men that have attended meetings often say they find new people to connect with as a support group. Women also report having a better time dealing with the negative emotions that can lead them to relapse, and finding better solutions to keep them sober.

6 – Judgement Free Philosophy

When you attend an AA meeting, you can do so with the comfort of knowing that you won’t be judged for any reason. A lot of the focus with each meeting is honesty, compassion, understanding, and sincerity. Those who attend have a strong willingness to help themselves and help others who are facing the same issues they have before.

There are different AA groups in various locations, so you can always find another group to meet with if you don’t find a good comfort level in one or the other. But every AA meeting offered is meant to be open and free from judgment, allowing people to share their experiences and struggles without feeling guilty.

7 – Retaining Anonymity

The world doesn’t need to know that you or anyone else attends an AA meeting. There is no shame in doing so, but being at a meeting also means you can retain your anonymity. If part of your journey involves the worry of others finding out about your struggle, you don’t have to worry about others finding out.

Those that want to keep their attendance at al anon meetings can do so with ease. Nobody in the group advertises another person’s presence. It is a judgment-free zone, but also one that respects the privacy of everyone there.

Gaining Benefits From AA Meetings

After reading our list of the benefits of attending AA meetings, you should have a better understanding of why they are great for anyone. The struggle against alcohol doesn’t have to be one you or anyone else faces alone; help is always there with others who deal with the same thing.

If you or someone you care about is ready to end the hardships of alcohol abuse, then going to AA meetings will be incredibly helpful.

Want to start taking the first steps to a better life? Visit the 12 Step NY website to learn all about the twelve-step program for alcoholics anonymous. Getting sober can be hard, but having the right people around you can make all the difference towards a better life.

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